Cherry Valley Organics
Burgettstown, PA

Cherry Valley Organics is a certified organic producer of a wide variety of agricultural products, and is located in Cherry Valley (between the towns of Hickory and Burgettstown). They produce over 100 varieties of vegetables and specialty greens, over 60 varieties of herbs, and over 300 varieties of specialty cut flowers. In addition, they offer potted plants, herbal teas, and herbal bath & body products, all of which are grown or hand-made at the farm. They also offer a weekly CSA, produce subscription service.

City Fresh Pasta
Pittsburgh, PA

City Fresh Pasta delivers hand crafted pasta in multiple flavors using the freshest ingredients available. Roasted red pepper, lemon, garlic & chive, black pepper basil, orange-sesame ginger, cajun, chipotle, spicy lime and cilantro are just a few of the endless possibilities. They offer extraordinary gnocchi and pierogis, freshly made pasta salads and a variety of sauces, including pestos and gourmet butters. Their ravioli and tortellini offer made-from-scratch fillings like sautéed mushrooms, grated cheeses, and roasted butternut squash. Try their samples, discover your favorite and take them home for dinner!

Cyprowski Candy Co.
North Strabane, PA

Cyprowski Candy Co. (Country Confections Chocolates) is a family owned and operated chocolate company that has been in business for 18 years. The business started out of their home and grew through festivals and mail order. From there they opened their first store at The Shoppes At Quail Acers and after 10 1/2 years they moved to their current location at The North Strabane Town Center. Their signature items include Gourmet Apples, Gourmet Pretzels, Gourmet Popcorn, Homemade Marshmallow Products and more. All of their chocolates, fudge etc. are made on site and they offer a variety of products that coincide with the seasons.

Freedom Farms
Butler, PA

Freedom Farms is a family operation, with all the siblings - 9 brothers and 1 sister - working alongside their mom on the farm. They offer locally grown, high quality produce, meat and fruit. They use natural methods of farming and all their chicken, pork, and beef are antibiotic free, steroid free, and have no added hormones. Come and shop their walk-on truck for a large selection of meat, cheese and eggs. They had their own successful TV show, Farm Kings, which appeared on Great American Country for four seasons. The reality show followed the King family on their farm, highlighting the struggles and triumphs of family farming and their passion for sustainable living and eating local. This year at the market, they’ll be adding an option for a CSA - a weekly buy in program for produce and/or meat. For more information, visit

Farming Practices: Natural & sustainable practices such as Crop Rotation, Natural Fertilization System (no chemical fertilizers), Low Spray/Only when absolutely necessary and all produce is Non GMO. Members of the Farm Bureau and the PVGA. Meats/Poultry have acres of land to graze on and are all antibiotic, steroid and hormone free.

Fresh From the Farm Juices
McMurray, PA

Fresh From The Farm Juices indulges in nature's abundance and crafts recipe's to match its beauty. Our juices are all-organic, 100% cold-pressed, and deliciously raw. They are manufactured daily at both of our retail locations: McMurray and Wexford. We also feature a raw, organic salad bar, smoothie and breakfast bar, gluten-free, vegan treats with home-made nut milks to wash everything down of course. Our focus and our mission has only grown to complement our offerings.

Garden Caravan
McMurray, PA

Offering a mix of vintage goods and vintage planters filled with lush succulents. In 2014 Sharon purchased a 1975 Airstream Trade Wind and has been renovating it into a mobile boutique. As a collector of vintage goods from the mid century, she knew there were goods overlooked in the marketplace, that still hold tremendous design value. They just needed to be repurposed and connected to the right person. Now she travels around sourcing goods that can be re-used, re-purposed and re-loved. Green goods are living plants, or items that have a small footprint, or are good for the environment in someway. Stop by to see her unique items!

Hello Hummus
Pittsburgh, PA

Hummus maker Zouhair Mkais offers handcrafted, small-batch hummus with the freshest, most local ingredients he can find. Their variety of delicious and unconventional flavors include: Artichoke, Sirrachi, Garlicky Black Bean, Honey Jalapeno, Hot & Spicy, Lemon Cilantro, Sun-Dried Tomato & Basil, Peanut Butter & Chocolate, Plain & Simple, Roasted Pepper, Roasted Veggie, Spicy Black Bean, White Bean and more. Hummus is low in sodium, vegan, high in fiber, dairy-free and gluten-free. Other than the chick peas, all vegetables used in his creations are sourced from local farmers. Hello Hummus is fresh, local, delicious and a healthy snack!

J&D Cellars
Eighty Four, PA

J&D Cellars is a winery specializing in small batch wines using their own grapes. John and Dot have been making wine and growing grapes for years. The winery and vineyard is located on 16 acres in Eighty Four. They have a tasting room in their log cabin with charming rustic décor or you can enjoy a glass of wine on their outdoor patio with beautiful country scenery. They host a variety of events from paint & sip and to Girls Night Out shopping with local vendors to fundraising and live entertainment. They’ll be bring a variety of delicious wines to the market, including their dry reds, dry whites, semi-sweet wines and flavored sweet wines. A perfect complement to our cheese vendor!

Farming Practices: Members of PA Winery Association, PA Preferred.

Kern Farms
Eighty Four, PA

Kern Farms is a family farm offering excellent quality produce, picked fresh daily. The fruits are all grown at the family’s original farm in Venetia and the remainder of their crops (grains and soybeans) are grown in Eighty-Four. They are a sustainable farm using the IPM (Integrated Pest Management) system. They’re a small farm with no employees so the person selling the produce is likely the one who grew and picked it! All their produce is picked fresh, sorted and cleaned the same day it’s sold. They have seasonal berries, a variety of produce, potted plants, herbs, honey and fall decorations. They raise their own chickens to provide farm fresh eggs.

Farming Practices: Integrated Pest Management, Sustainable practices - all animals are free range. Poultry and pigs receive NO antibiotics or growth stimulant. Animals are fed grains mostly grown at Kern Farms.

KLM Boutique
Avella, PA

Offering an assortment of fresh condiments made from scratch using all natural ingredients with no preservatives. Kim makes an assortment of fresh fruit jams and jellies and pumpkin butter. She also makes sweet relishes, pickled beets, dill pickles, sweet pickles and more unique relishes using cabbage, green tomatoes and peppers. Stop by for a sample!

Loafers Bread
Wexford, PA

Loafers has the tradition of scratch baking, creating extraordinary bread baked fresh daily using the highest quality, hand-picked natural ingredients. Each morning they use a stone-burr mill to grind the wheat, which comes from one family’s farm in Montana. The grains are 100% High Plains Hard Red Spring Wheat, grown without any chemicals. They yield the highest protein, highest fiber flour and are low in sodium and fat, which results in nutritious and delicious bread. They have a variety of sweet and savory breads, and buns. Stop by for a sample slice!

Logan Family Farms Irwin, PA

The Logan Family has a strict protocol for raising their cows that has been used for generations. They own the Mother cows and raise the off-spring on their farm so that the cattle can grow at their own pace. The cattle are fed a vegetarian diet of home grown forages and grains. What makes their beef different is the aging process. They dry age for 21-28 days which enriches the taste of the beef and lets it naturally tenderize. No hormones, growth stimulant, antibiotics, tenderizers or colorings are used. They offer pure quality, natural beef that is available ground or in a variety of retail cuts and vacuum packaged to be enjoyed or frozen for later use. They are also proud to provide beef to the Pittsburgh Steelers, Bakery Square Google Office, Bigelow Grill, the new store opening in Market Square and more. Try one of their grilled steak burgers or Italian beef sandwiches at the market and taste the difference of their Premium Natural Dry Aged Beef.

Farming Practices: Crop Rotation, Members of PASA, PA Cattleman’s Association, Westmoreland Cattleman’s Association and PA Farmers Association. No hormones, growth stimulant, antibiotics, tenderizers or colorings are used.

The Olive Tap
Pittsburgh, PA

Experience an expansive variety of award-winning Extra Virgin and Flavored Olive Oils from artisan and small batch producers, and authentic aged Balsamic Vinegars of Modena infused with many different natural flavors, from herb to citrus. Their 100% extra virgin olive oils are “cold pressed” for the highest quality flavor. A variety of oils and vinegars will be available for sampling.

Parma Sausage Products
Pittsburgh, PA

A staple in the strip district downtown, this small family business specializes in a wide variety of Italian pork products, including Salami, Pepperoni, Sausage, Prosciutto, Pancetta. They use only the highest quality ingredients starting with fresh pork, fresh spices and most importantly time and care. Their sausages are made daily using fresh pork which they hand select, trim, then grind and mix with fresh spices and stuff into natural casing for link sausage or into packaging for cooking sausage. They’ve made a reputation for themselves in the Pittsburgh area delivering the finest quality sausages to their customers.

The Pie Place
Bethel Park, PA

The Pie Place prides itself on using the freshest ingredients from local vendors to create their delectable desserts. Pies, tarts, cakes, cupcakes, cookies, pepperoni rolls, and muffins are just some of the wonderful delights they offer. They won the “Best Bakery of the “Burgh” award in Pittsburgh Magazine’s 2010 Reader’s Poll. They are also members of the 3/50 Project, which supports local business and encourages people to shop local to support their community. They also specialize in a variety of allergy friendly desserts, including delicious gluten free and dairy free options

Red Star Kombucha
Pittsburgh, PA

Kombucha is a fermented tea that has been made around the world since ancient times. Red Star Kombucha, brewed in Pittsburgh since 2012, is raw, unpasteurized, and unfiltered. Due to the fermentation, it contains a small amount of alcohol. It is believed that drinking kombucha regularly improves digestive health and overall well-being. They'll be offering different flavors each week, but some favorites include Original Green, Zingerbuch, Black Tea, Blueberry Oolong and Super Sour Cherry Vanilla.

Simmons Farm
McMurray, PA

The Simmons family has been farming for over 100 years. They’ve been growing fresh fruits and vegetables in Peters for over 75 years. The original farm, started in the 1800s, was moved from Whitehall, PA in the 40s. The 5th and 6th generations are now working the farm and they’re farming over 500 acres in this area. The wide variety of produce they grow is picked fresh daily. They use the IPM (integrated pest management) system to monitor and protect their crops and use very low spray, only when needed. They’ll have all their fresh fruits and vegetables at the market, along with fresh flowers and herbs. At the end of market season, they’ll have pumpkins, 14 varieties of apples and fall decor. Simmons is a Peters Township tradition!

Farming Practices: Integrated Pest Management, all products non-GMO unless otherwise specified (some early sweet corn). Members of Soil Conservation, PA Farmers Associations, Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association, PA Vegetable Marketing and Research Association. Very low spray, only when absolutely needed.

Stone Church Acres
Finleyville, PA

After many years raising their family in California, John Varner and his wife Diane Varner, the owners, have returned to their roots and their love of farming here in PA. They have two locations that they farm--one in Finleyville where they grow vegetables, herbs and fruit and the other is an apple orchard on the north side of Pittsburgh. They offer a variety of produce, including lettuce, cabbage, peppers, greens, berries, melons, peas, broccoli, cucumber, squash and potatoes. A full list of products can be found on their website. All of their Fruits and Vegetables are non-GMO and they use sustainable agricultural practices. They also offer a CSA for those interested in receiving weekly shares of freshly harvested produce. Their mission as a small family-run local farm is to produce delicious tasting fruits and vegetables for the local community. They pride themselves on growing crops that are delicious!

Farming Practices: Integrated Pest Management, Sustainable Agricultural Practices, Non-GMO, Members of PASA (Pennsylvania Association of Sustainable Agriculture), PA Preferred, Buy Fresh Buy Local and the Farmers Market Nutrition Program (FMNP)

Uncle Fester’s Favorites
Clinton, PA

Offering jams and jellies in a variety of flavors. All jams and jellies contain no added sugar, no artificial sweeteners and use pectin free of sugar. The sweetness of the fruit gives them their flavor! They also make hot sauces, ketchup, peppers in sauce and relish. Uncle Fester’s is part of the PA Preferred program, meaning at least 85% of the products used to make his sauces come from local Pennsylvania farms.

Wild River Kettle Korn
Bethel Park, PA

Old fashioned kettle korn, popped in an open kettle, made fresh daily. They use all natural ingredients - just soybean oil, sugar and salt. It’s gluten free and nut free so it’s the perfect snack for those with allergies. A sweet and salty treat to enjoy!

Wu’s Shaved Ice
Pittsburgh, PA

You’ve seen their stand in South Park and at markets around town and now we’re bringing it to Peters. They offer Hawaiian Shaved Ice in 27 different flavors, including sugar-free and dye-free options. The perfect cool refreshing treat on a hot summer day!


Prepared Foods

Bad Azz BBQ
Pittsburgh, PA

A local family run business specializing in freshly smoked ribs, pulled pork, smoked chicken and hot sausage. They were voted Pittsburgh #1 BBQ, with their mouth watering ribs, accompanied by any of their homemade side dishes, including baked beans, macaroni salad, potato salad, slaw and corn bread. They took home the 1st place prize for Best Sauce and 1st place for Best Ribs at the Heinz Field 2014 Rib Fest. You won’t be able to resist the delicious aroma wafting from their smoker!

The Bluegrass Kitchen Sharon, PA

Chef June is a graduate of The Pennsylvania Institute of Culinary Arts, class of 1994. After 20 years working at a few different restaurants and as personal Chef, Chef June and her husband, Chef Rick have opened The Bluegrass Kitchen a Vegetarian and Vegan delivery service, that also vends at many festivals, concerts, and Farmers Markets. They love to educate their patrons about whole foods, clean eating, gluten free, organic, farm to table and keep them up on the newest trends in the culinary industry. Chef June will be featuring authentic style French crepes, with a spin on them, made right in front of you. You can expect ingredients such as: beets, swiss chard, sweet potatoes, gluten free, and authentic French. Fillings will be very eccentric. All of The Bluegrass Kitchen’s food will be vegetarian, but will have a new twist each and every week.

Caustelot Creamery
Cecil, PA

This ice cream truck makes homemade ice cream on site using liquid nitrogen, fresh creamy ingredients and their own special recipes! This fast freezing technique eliminates the chance of ice crystals like some traditional methods can have. The result is a rich and creamy, smooth delicious treat. They'll have classic favorites like French Vanilla, Salted Caramel and Chocolate Peanut Butter, as well as some unique combinations like Strawberry Pretzel and White Cherry. It's perfect on a hot summer day!

Heisler’s Market
McMurray, PA

The specialty grocery store here in McMurray will be bringing their gourmet prepared foods to the market. It’s truly one stop shopping! Their menu will change each week but they’ll be offering things like local fruit and vegetable salsas, dips (Buffalo, BBQ chicken), local sweet corn with their chef’s compound butters and salads with homemade seasonal dressing. All their food is made fresh daily high quality ingredients. Their chef will be doing some onsite cooking demonstrations and grilling for ready-to-eat meals, like grilled vegetable kabobs with charred grilled yukon potatoes.

Pittsburgh, PA (Brookline)

A Mediterranean Bakery that combines a long history of family recipes with the freshest ingredients available. Offering a wide variety of authentic Mediterranean favorites, including: freshly made Pitas, Gyros, hummus. Tabbouleh, Baba Ghannouj and Baklava. Stop by and sample their homemade goodness and take home your favorites!

Sunnybridge Natural Foods
The Springhouse
McMurray, PA

Sunny Bridge Natural Foods is a locally owned natural and organics food and products retailer in Peters Township. Their in-house cafe is a dedicated gluten-free bakery and creates freshly baked handmade pastries from scratch daily. They also make wraps, pizza, salads and soups using local and organic ingredients. They specialize in allergy-sensitive items and have many options that are gluten free, low carb, vegan and low sugar. At the market they'll be offering a weekly changing menu of many of their delicious prepared food items from their cafe.

The Greek Kitchen

Offering authentic homemade Greek delicacies such as Spanakopita, Moussaka, Grape Leaves, Lemon Potatoes, Baklava, Falafels, Rice Pilaf, Greek Pastries, Chicken Kabobs, Feta Pepperoni Rolls and Stuffed Zucchini. Lampros cooks up delcious made from scratch Greek staples every day using recipes his mother and grandmother taught him. Only fresh, high quality local ingredient are used. His specialty, Greek Rice Pudding, can be found in grocery stores throughout the area.



Hillside Goat Dairy
Eighty-Four, PA

Located in the beautiful rolling hills of Eighty-Four, the farm is owned and operated by the Lynch family and their six children. Their herd of American and French Alpine Goats provide goat milk which is used daily to produce goat milk soaps and lotions, bath fizzies, scrubs and spa baskets. They offer a wide assortment of luxurious moisturizing products. They’re beautifully packaged and make great gifts!


Rotating Vendors
(Visiting periodically throughout the summer. Check back for specific dates and additional vendors.)

Bowenarrow Designs
Carnegie, PA

Offering a variety of custom handmade jewelry, wall hangings and murals. Alexandria learned her craft from her great grandmother, who taught her bead work and how to make items from deer antlers. She now produces a variety of unique items, including lamp stands and coat racks. She is developing a line of jewelry and custom gift items inspired by Native American designs. Be sure to stop by and check out her creative inspirations!

Emerald Valley Artisans
Scenery Hill, PA

Emerald Valley Artisans are the makers of exceptional hand crafted Farm to Table Artisan Cheeses made from natural ingredients. The 335 acre farm in the foothills of Washington County is owned and operated by husband and wife team, Alan and Alisa Fasnacht, whose combined farming credentials date back four-generations to Alisa’s great-grandfather in Parma Italy, where his dairy herd produced milk for the creation of world-famous Parmigiano-Reggiano. Alan and Alisa’s passion for animals and the land led them to start their own herd in 1996 and in October 2004 they became a full-fledged artisan cheese business. Their cheeses include: Ricotta, Feta, Mozzarella, Gouda, Havarti, Jack, Italina. They’ll also be offering the following cheese from their sister brand LANCO Pennland: Swiss, Colby, various Cheddars, Muenster. Their award winning cows graze freely in the pastures and Emerald Valley transforms their superior-quality milk into the highest-quality cheese.

Farming Practices: rBST Free Milk, Antibiotic Free, Members of Diary Image and FARM (Farmers Assurance Responsible Management National Dairy Farm Program), PA Preferred and participates in Buy Fresh Buy Local.

Ideal Grain Free Granola

Naturally delicious, grain free breakfast designed to empower your day. Ideal Grain Free Granola was crafted to be the best - delicious, convenient, healthy and satisfying. It’s a naturally delicious blend of nuts and seeds, slow roasted in organic spices with just a touch of organic honey. Ideal granolas are grain free. That means they’ve left out all the cheap fillers and use only whole, high-quality ingredients. The result is a crunchy, hearty granola that is naturally low in sugar and carbs. It’s Paleo-friendly, diabetic-friendly - and above all - it tastes great.

Louis Prior

Every one of Louie Prior’s silk scarves and jewelry is a one-of-a-kind creation and handmade by Rachel (Louie) and Sarah (Prior). Rachel’s silk painting technique is a free hand-painted style that has developed from her love of watercolor painting. She uses water-based professional silk dyes to ensure saturated color tones and permanence so your scarf will keep its brilliant colors for many years to come. Prior Jewelry offers earring, necklaces, reverse collar necklaces, and bracelets. Each piece is created using fine quality vintage components that have been cleaned, repaired and adapted for use. She then combines these pieces with a peyote seed stitch using Japanese Miyuki seed beads that are beautifully consistent in quality. She also uses vintage beads, chain and seed pearls in combinations dictated by the original vintage piece. Prior also takes commissions, taking your broken or unused jewelry and re-creating it into a contemporary design that you will love to wear again!

Oh Queso Dip
Canonsburg, PA

Oh Queso Dip makes delicious homemade Queso and will be offering all four flavors at the market - Blanco Hot, Blanco Mild, Original Sweet & Spicy and Original Sweet & Mild. These delicious dips can be used in a variety of recipes.... including scrambled eggs for a scrumptious Huevos rancheros, over baked chicken, as a filling for your burritos or just to snack on with chips. Check out their website for some suggestions on unique ways to use their queso! These popular dips often sell out so stop by early to check out the selection.